On our way to Good Health


oc reg

“I will restore health to you, and I will heal your wounds, says the Lord.”

Jeremiah 30:17

Our family made some major changes once we returned home from the hospital. The realization the BPA could possibly have a connection with Turner’s Syndrome made me sick. Of course, everything was still being studied and no doctor could deny or confirm my suspicions. I purged all plastic food containers, sippy cups and utensils and switched to glass, steel or BPA free products. We got rid of toys that we weren’t sure of, especially the ones that came from China. We found out there wasn’t anything more fun than good old fashioned blocks, wooden trucks and doll houses.

We signed up for a weekly farm delivery service called Farm Fresh to You (www.ffty.com) that brought fresh, organic produce right to my door step. The fresh fruits and veggies were always stocked and available which made it so much easier when the kids wanted a snack. We switched to grass-fed meat and removed dairy from our diets, particularly because we found out that Sophia and Amaya had an allergy to milk protein. So long are the plastic water and steel canteens became our newest friend.

It was certainly an adjustment for everyone. The kids health seemed to be improving, though not 100%.  Once we got into the groove of things, it proved to be the best decision we ever made. Here’s a little article about us during the transition.



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