Kindness and Love Exists


Dear Keith Thomas and Chris Castillo,

I frequently shop at “my” Stater Bros. on Warner Ave. in Huntington Beach, CA and have always received prompt, courteous attention from your staff. On December 23, however, Phi, a cashier working extraordinarily hard with all of the hustle and bustle of Christmas among us, was exceptionally kind, giving and caring to one of “your” customers. I wanted to write to you to commend her.

Every cashier lane was open, the aisles were crowded, shoppers were pushy and the lines were long. I was standing in line next to the one that Phi was working at. She turned to me, cheeks flushed and tears in her eyes and asked if it would be okay to skip ahead of me because she wanted to help an elderly she was currently ringing up in her own line. I am not sure of the circumstances of why the elderly lady could not pay but what I witnessed happen was truly the meaning of Christmas. Without hesitation, Phi had another cashier ring up the elderly ladies bill and she paid for her groceries using her own money. Phi turned, lifted the groceries into the ladies cart, hugged her and whispered, “Merry Christmas.”

The tears welled up in the sweet ladies eyes along with a look of gratitude, surprise and relief. She was speechless. I was so moved to have witnessed such a kind gesture, something I won’t soon forget. She set a beautiful example for my kids and I am so grateful for the lesson.

I wanted you to know what an awesome employee you have on board. She definitely impacted me and my family and I’m sure the family whose meal she provided. Congratulations to you for employing such a wonderful young lady!

Kind Regards,

Darla Kernell


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