About Me

I am a wife; I’ve been one of these for 15 years now. I met my hubby at Target my junior year of high school (yes, I know. Target has a really bad return policy. I hear it all the time). For those of you that knew me when, yes it’s the same Jim that I brought to our Junior and Senior prom.
I am a mama to Sophia, my tweener, God lover, honor roller, gamer, super-duper amazing drawer; Amaya my 2nd grader, prayer warrior, all-star handballer, super star hula hooper, dedicated cheerleader; Josiah my kindergartener, faithful Jesus lover, break-dancer, bmx biker, Lego builder; Machaela our angel waiting for us in heaven; faith builder, love teacher, heart keeper.
I am also a daughter, sister, cousin, and friend. I love God. I love Jesus. I love the Bible. I love being with my family and friends. I love traditions. I love chocolate. I love chicken. I love the smell of the salt in the air on cool mornings. I love my job. I love frogs. I love to run. I love to read. I love how my husband still opens the car door for me. I love how Josiah always asks me how my day went. I love how Sophia will hold my hand on the way to the bus stop until we are about 50 yards from her friends. Then she drops it. I love to rollerblade. I love photography. I love that Amaya loves to wake up early in the morning to go running with me. I love it when Sugar sneezes. I love the sound of boats firing their engines. I love the wetlands. I love that my dad texts me at 4:30 in the morning. The text usually reads, “What are you doing?” I love how my mom says the word ‘wash’ which sounds more like ‘worsh’. I love it when my BFF sends my random texts at five in the morning. Her texts usually say, “That one time in band camp…” I loved band camp. I love to just walk through Ikea. I love hot days. I love rainy days. I love fireplaces. I love fire pits even more. I love my beautiful nieces. I love the smell in my house on Christmas day. I love the smell of the library. I love that I come from a legacy of faith. I love to ride my kid’s scooter. I love how my husband still holds my hand. I love Sophia’s crooked smile. I love the worship band at Church. I love the way I feel after I leave church. I love every scar on my body. I love Josiah’s blonde hair. I love my mother in law’s laugh. I love to swing at the parks. I love watching my children sleep. I love my handsome nephews. I love that they still peg me with water balloons and nail me squirt guns. I love to sit on the floor. I love my father in-laws cooking. I love to watch Amaya dance and sing. I love that my BFF intuitively texts me when something’s up. I love that my parents still smooch and hold hands. I love to sit in church. I love to sit in the grass. I love to garden. I love daisies. I love watching my children help each other, even if it’s just reaching for a glass. I love a juicy rare steak (sorry to my vegan friends). I love the river. I love to zip line. I love Science. I love the beach. I love to be outside. I love being challenged. I love to help. I love my friends. I love to play jokes on people. I love to laugh. I love butterflies. I love my mother and father in law. I love my sister in-laws. I love my brother in laws. I love my brothers, sisters, aunts uncles, cousins, and grandparents. I love Jim. I love Sophia. I love Amaya. I love Josiah. I love.


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